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Rick Roethke Serves as Panelist for IU Velocity Conference in Berkeley

Rick Roethke participated and was a panelist at the Entrepreneurship Velocity Conference at the University of California, Berkeley. Barrington also provided fellowships for some of the MBA and Doctoral Candidate students attending the event.

March 6, 2019|

Rick Roethke Collaborates with Deans to Develop IU Indianapolis Real Estate Program

Rick Roethke worked in conjunction with the Indiana University School of Business Deans Dr. Idie Kesner and Dr. Phil Powell in developing the I.U. Indianapolis Urban Real Estate Program. The program is off to a robust start with healthy enrollment.

February 4, 2018|

Rick Roethke Participates in Homer Hoyt Institute

Rick Roethke participated as a fellow at the Homer Hoyt Institute in Palm Beach, Florida. Hoyt is a real estate think-tank for university professors, industry and governmental professionals.

May 18, 2017|

Rick Roethke Honored with Who’s Who Lifetime Award

Rick Roethke was honored with the Lifetime Award from Who’s Who for his career in real estate and finance.

January 5, 2017|

Rick Roethke Joins Dean’s Advisory Board at Concordia University Irvine

Concordia University IrvineRick Roethke, CEO of Barrington Investment Company, LLC was recently introduced as a member of the School of Business Dean’s Advisory Board at Concordia University in Irvine, California.

Prior to that time, Rick had worked with the university’s founding Business School Dean to develop the school’s MBA & entrepreneurship programs, and he subsequently developed and taught the school’s capstone entrepreneurship class. Read more here.

February 9, 2016|