Company Leadership

KSB/Herb Kelleher/ Southwest AirlinesRick Roethke – Founder & CEO
Barrington Investment Company, LLC
Barrington Management Company, Inc.

In 1988, Rick Roethke founded Barrington Investment Company, LLC and Barrington Management Company, Inc. Formerly, he served as President of the Sycamore Group, one of the largest real estate investment and brokerage companies in the Midwest. Mr. Roethke was also founder and past President of Dominion Reality, Inc and Director of Real Estate for Cloverleaf Development Company, an affiliate of Dominion, which is one of the largest apartment developers in the country. During the Savings and Loan Crisis, he was responsible for the work out of bank owned commercial assets and the repositioning of the balance sheet for Union Federal Savings and Loan, the largest S & L in Indiana.

Mr. Roethke holds an undergraduate degree in Business from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University and also has a masters degree in business. Avocationally, he has been deeply involved for over 30 years as an adjunct professor and in an advisory board capacity to various university business schools throughout the United States.


Company Information

Barrington Investment Company was founded by Rick Roethke in 1988 as a boutique real estate investment company for the purpose of providing significant returns for our core group of investors, while providing an engaging and enjoyable work environment for our employees. Investors have enjoyed substantial profits though our innovative and visionary real estate investments and tax-advantaged exchanges.

We specialize in sophisticated value-added real estate investments and development, including investing and adaptively redeveloping mobile home parks in the Midwest and Southwest. We are also skilled and active in apartments, retail, industrial, build to suit transactions, as well as investment using non traditional self-directed IRAs.

Barrington is privately held and is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, with an office in San Diego, California. Please visit our contact us page for information on our office locations.

Recognition and Affiliations

Rick Roethke & Barrington Investment Company

  • Indiana Real Estate Exchangor of the Year: 1995 & 2005
  • Velocity Entrepreneurship Award: Kelley School of Business, Indiana University
  • Velocity Entrepreneurship Award: Haas School of Business, University of California
  • Heartbeat of America National Entrepreneurship Award
  • Honored Lifetime Member: Who’s Who Real Estate, Finance, and Outstanding Business Executives

Rick Roethke & Barrington Investment Company

  • Advisory Board Member: Berneki Center for Real Estate Studies, Kelley School of Business – Indiana University
  • Advisory Board Member: Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship, Kelley School of Business – Indiana University
  • Adjunct Professor, Dean’s Advisory Board, and Guest Lecturer: Kelley School of Business – Indiana University
  • Dean’s Advisory Board: School of Business – Concordia University
  • Past President and Chairman: Indiana University, Indianapolis Entrepreneurship Academy
  • Adjunct Professor and Guest Lecturer: School of Business – Concordia University
  • Research Committee Member: Burnham Moores Center for Real Estate – University of San Diego
  • Fellow: Homer Hoyt Institute
  • Lecturer: National Auction Institute
  • Certified Instructor of Real Estate: Indiana Real Estate Certification Program
  • Charter Member: Sagamore Institute for Policy Research and Hudson Institute Think Tank
  • Member: National Association of Realtors and Indianapolis Board of Realtors
  • Licensed Real Estate Broker: State of Indiana
  • Member: Indiana Real Estate Exchangors
  • Member with EMS designation: National Council of Exchangors
  • Certificate in Mexican Real Estate



Leading the industry since 1988.

Barrington provides significant returns for our investors, while providing an engaging and enjoyable work environment for our employees.